As a country our gospel music industry has been on the move for over a decade from our Piesie Esther to the daughters of glorious Jesus. Now we have joe Mettle, Akesse Brempong, Joyce Blessing, Diana Hamilton, Kingskid and others. Indeed you can say that some real change has been made. However, in all honesty, there’s stil a whole lot of problems we face in the Gospel industry.

In the recent AGAFEST 2019, which took place on the 30th of March at the Action Dome, Spintex, Accra, many in the audience were highly upset mainly due to late start of the event. A program which was supposed to commence at 7pm prompt, began at 8pm. Oh well! Maybe the organizers meant 7pm GMT (Ghana Man Time) but it should be no excuse as this was an international event which saw ministers from Kenya, South Africa & Nigeria gracing it. First impressions always count.

Now to my main focus, the awards winners. Personally, some of the artists who won awards really deserved it but others honestly didn’t. The first for me would be Victory by Eben. The album took home African Album of the year but the criteria for all awards for the event was that all songs should have been released between 2017 and 2018 but that album was released in 2016 so HOW ON EARTH DID IT QUALIFY FOR THAT CATEGORY IN THE FIRST PLACE??? HMMMM!!! Let’s move on. To all Tim Godfrey fans i’m sorry for what i’m about to say but he didn’t deserve his award. He took home the BEST AFRICAN GOSPEL ARTISTE OF THE YEAR but charley apart from NARA which other song do you know of? Please be honest. I see you’re still thinking…lol… The BEST MALE ARTISTE OF THE YEAR was Joe Mettle (Ghana) and the BEST FEMALE ARTISTE OF THE YEAR was Mercy Chinwo(Nigeria) so how come the overall BEST AFRICAN ARTISTE OF THE YEAR  would be someone completely different. If you speak to any of the organizers they gonna ask you, Bra, please did you vote? But let’s be frank, as an artist, I could purchase Ghc 10,000 worth of airtime and vote for myself. Would that make the outcome fair?

It’s time the Ghanaian gosple industry takes all these into account and come out with a scheme that places more power to determine who deserves an award in the hands of professional judges and the remaining power to the general public. Let’s say 70% to a board and 30% to the public. The board should them use items such as the artists YOUTUBE views, SOCIAL MEDIA active followers(Ignoring the idle ones) & the AIRPLAY received by the song across various platforms. That’ll increase the possibility that the artiste to win the award, will be the one who really deserves it.

And one more thing to all organizers, PLEASE PAY THE GHANAIAN ACTS WELL FOR THEIR MINISTRATIONS but that’s for a whole different day.




Taed Speaks

Taed speaks of the days when our mothers told us to study

When education was the only way

Now the paths have diversified

Now the old have now changed.

The hustlers call the street gold

But the intellectuals disregard these points.

Taed speaks of nothing less

Than the veil torn at the joints


Taed speaks of love

Love that is ever giving.

Love that thinks companions smile

Than the joy of frivolous thinking.

My love, you talk more than you listen

whiles I listen more than I talk.

i want you to listen

But when I start, you walk.

I want to kiss your seductive lips

But i’m scared someone has already kissed them

Taed spoke of your date last night 

With your so called friend

Taed speaks of love.


Taed speaks and I hope you listen

Taed spoke and he has spoken

He walks the thin line at the circus

Balancing himself so he doesn’t fall

To either side with a purpose

To suade humanity to its side

I can say he is a mad man with his eyes on one goal

To save you from the world

Ultimately to save your soul

Taed speaks so listen.